ht-mufasaHi, This is a Mufasa update. He spent Monday night snoring on a couch, after a long walk, and 2 hrs. of backyard play w/ my neighbor's 2yr. old high-energy mix. He and my girl mastiff, Nana (also a rescue), have been ok so far, but she does let him know when he invades her personal space. This is normal when sorting out top dog issues. No fighting, just horrible-sounding growls from her letting him know when he is too near her "territory". They are in an adjustment period, and it seems to be going exactly as I expected.

Our 2 cats walked right up to him and said hi, and he didn't give either one a second glance. One even laid right beside him as if she knew him forever. His very own dog bed is a twin mattress w/ the blanket I brought for his ride home, which he claimed as his own immediately. When we're not home to supervise, we plan to give him the kitchen and two inside porches secured by a gate tall end secure enough so he and Nana can see, smell and hear each other safely when not supervised. When we are home, he and she have free run of the house. He has a vet appt. on Tues.23 for rabies, heartworm, and physical. He lets me rub his ears w/a towel, and I'm working slowly towards cleaning them. My neighbor calls him "Puppy", since he acts like one. Sorry this is so long, but I appreciate all of you for caring so much. I will send you pics in the mail in the next week or 2 so you can see how your concern and care paid off for this young-at-heart 8yr. old giant. Thanks to all of you for taking great care of this sweet boy!!!

Sincerely, Annette, Bill, "Puppy", Nana, and the cats.


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