Koo-Koo (aka Cooper)

ht-kookooJust wanted to let you know that Cooper has made himself quite at home...He eats very well and with the exception of Charly, he gets along with all the animals...Charly's nose is out of joints because of another "baby" in the family...but he'll survive... Cooper is very attached to his "Mommy"...Carrie enjoys playing with toys with Cooper...We found out that Cooper loves to play soccer...Carrie squeals with delight at that...Smart little guy... He sleeps cuddle close with "Mommy" in bed and knows that he has a forever home... I am so glad that Corky sent him to us...Corky knew we needed another to love... Glenn, Carrie and I can't thank you enough for all you did to help us take Cooper home....

God Bless... Wendy


The shelter could always use monetary donations to help with the care and placement of our animals.  Anything you could spare would be greatly appreciated!