pearlHi guys! Sorry it has taken me so long to get my happy tails story to you. I just wanted to let you all know that Pearly Girl is doing great with us. She gets along with everyone, and everyone loves her (even my husband who was very skeptical about getting a pit bull). She is a daddy's girl and they take naps together all the time. Pearly snores very loud, and she likes to sleep with her face right next to yours, she's almost like a person! She seems to have nightmares every time she sleeps... and I often wonder how badly she was treated before she was picked up by you guys. She is very timid with new people and she knows when she is doing something wrong because she has "guilt" written all over her face. Pearl and Jazzy play all day long, all night long... they pretty much play non stop all day every day.

Pearl does NOT like to take a bath, but she sure loves to get dirty. It takes about three of us to chase her into the bathroom, and she still manages to find a way around us. She really is a great dog with a really great personality and I'm hoping that she will continue to make people realize that not all pitbulls are bad dogs. She really, really is a sweetheart. I have attached a couple pictures, but I found it very difficult to get her to sit still while I took a good one of her and Jazmin. When I get some better ones I will be sure to send them! Thanks a lot guys for letting us take Pearl into our lives. We don't know what we'd do without her!


Tracey, Jordan, Kyler, Jazmin and especially, Pearl :)


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