arthur1I just wanted to let you know that I am adjusting very well and I love my big brother Salvatore. He licks my face and plays with me all the time. He even lets me drink from the same bowl while he is drinking. Mommy and Daddy let me sleep on the couch and their bed in the morning. I have my own bed to sleep in at night but I like theirs better. Yesterday we went to the beach and Salvatore was playing in the waves and swimming. I didn't feel like swimming but I love to play in the sand. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said that I am very healthy little boy I just need to gain some weight because I only weight 59 lbs.

I have to go now but I wanted to say thank you for picking my new Mommy and Daddy they love my very much and I am very happy. I attached some pictures that my Daddy took of me on the couch.

Lots of licks!!



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