angel02Here are some of photos of Angel in her new home. We absolutely love her to pieces....she's such a total sweetheart, as you already know. She is doing wonderfully....constantly with me wherever I go, absolutely my shadow. When I pick up her sweatshirt or her leash, she comes over and jumps onto me with wet kisses. She knows it's either a ride in the car or a walk thru the park. She also gets along famously with my little 3lb. dwarf rabbit. They sleep during the day, fur to fur...and are always licking/kissing each other. I have to get that on video....because it's too cute. I also found out that Angel LOVES peanut butter, so its going to be VERY easy to get her heartworm pills right down....a BIG plus!!!

I will definitely be coming down with Angel to visit and bringing a bed. As you will see in the photos, she absolutely LOVES her bed from THANK YOU again for that!!! Also, THANK YOU once again and again for ANGEL......she was definitely sent from heaven!!! We love her!!!! See you soon.

Karen and Angel



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