Rosie (Now Known as Kila)

rosieHello all,

Just wanted to give you and update on Rosie. Her new name is Kila, which is Scottish for lovely, which she fits to a tee. She's absolutely wonderful! She's comepletely potty-trained, walks well (except when she sees other animals that she feels need to play with her), extremely lovable, and the best friend anyone could ask for. She sleeps with us every night, under the covers! She likes to be right up next to us. Kila has an endless amount of energy to play, but knows when it's quite time and likes to lay on her bed on her own accord.

I wish I knew more about her history, because someone obviously took care of her and took the time to train her. The only problem we have so far is with the cats. She just wants to sniff them and get to know them, but they run away from her and she thinks they're playing and chases them. The cats are slowly getting more curious and are not running away, so she just looks at them to see what they're gonna do.

I've included some pics to show you what a vicious pitbull she is. We're very scared of her ;-) Thanks again for choosing us as her new parents. We truly are the lucky ones in this endeavor.

Brian, Lauren, and Kila


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