Rita 003Hello Donna, Nancy, Nicole and others,

Just a note to tell you Rita is doing great. She took to us immediately and seems very happy. She is so smart and surprises us a couple times a day. She knows when she needs to go potty (only two accidents), my oldest rewards her with a treat only after she sits and gives her paw, and also loves to play fetch inside. She is a VERY loving little girl and we are very glad to have her. Thanks for all that you do!

Update: We just wanted to give you an update on Rita. She loves her new home and is adjusting well. She had her first vet appointment, her vet is Old Marple Veterinary Hosp., Dr. Catherine Tannert. She did really well. They did a DAPPD-Series, Lyme Vaccine, KCV Intranasal Annual Booster and nail trim. The Doc says she is very well tempered. We love having her here and are so happy to be her family thanks to you. We will send you updates and pic soon. Keep up your great work.

P..S.-Rita says she misses all of you!!!!!!!


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