Happy Tails

This is our Happy Tails Page. Whenever we have successful adoptions, we ask the new families to e-mail us with updates. Please take a moment to read the Happy endings of a few of our orphans.


ht-kodiakJust wanted to give you a quick update on Kody. He is doing better every day and last night was actually smiling!! Kody is a dear dog and his intelligence is remarkable. He is bonding more every day with me and last night while I was sitting on the kitchen floor, he even came over, lay down next to me, put his paw on my leg and his head on my lap. What a love!!!

The pack is getting better although my other two rescues are still vocal at times and I have to lecture them! And they know what I'm talking about because they quiet down, look at him and then look at me. Well, gotta go. Have a good weekend. You guys do awesome work.

Regards, Judy
( and a very grateful Kody!!)

WOOF!! P.S. Dogs rule!!


vinnyJust wanted to update you everyone there about Vinnie ........ yes, we kept the name, we think it fits. He is such a great dog, loves everyone, but is very protective of us. He loves his toys (he goes through about 2 or 3 a week), he has this thing about squeaky toys, he won't give up until the squeaky is completely torn out of the toy.................at least he doesn't eat the fluff. He will only sleep in the bed with us and when we're not there is perched in the bay window like a cat........he is so cute!!! Some pictures of Vinnie below just hanging out in the yard.

Thanks, Kim & Al Wolf

Casey (in foster care thru a rescue)

caseyJust wanted to touch base and let you know how Casey is doing in foster care . He is doing very well. He loves children and is getting along good with the other dogs he meets. He has been recently groomed and will be heading to the vet in a few days for a hw, erlichia, lyme test and to have his stitches removed that he still has in from his neuter back in May.

This is a completely different dog then the shy one you remember . Although he still barks at men each time gets shorter and shorter and will in no time be ready for a new family . I'm just sorry that for whatever reason other rescues did not take the time to meet him and give him a chance.


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