Happy Tails

This is our Happy Tails Page. Whenever we have successful adoptions, we ask the new families to e-mail us with updates. Please take a moment to read the Happy endings of a few of our orphans.


carterHello everyone!

I wanted to give you an update on how Carter has been doing with me in his new home. It's been a little over a month now and he has been doing wonderful! He settled right in and has made my home his home as well. And even though I was dead set against him being on the bed, he cuddles up beside me each and every night where he doesn't move until morning! We take an hour long walk twice a day to make sure he gets his energy out and we play even more. With the help of Steve's training, Carter is becoming a very well behaved dog whom everyone (animal and man alike) loves.

Thank you so much for everything!



ht-peteDear Ms. Donna and others at Almost Home,

Thank you so much for letting us adopt Pete. We are having so much fun with him. After 10 minutes home, we knew he was the perfect addition to our family. He loves to be around us no matter where we are and loves to give us kisses. He is a terrific dog.

Zachery (our son) and Pete are best buds. They take short walks, play and watch TV together. Pete's hip is healing very well. We can tell because Pete is getting spunkier!!

We'll send you pictures soon.

We love Pete. He feels like he's been part of our family for years. Thanks again.

The Kincaids


We adopted Ollie on July 6th and he has been an absolute pleasure!!! He is getting along GREAT with our other two labs, however, they never sit still long enough for us to get a picture of them all together. He loves to do everything! He is such a great boy and he loves to swim. We had no idea if he knew how, but obviously did because he followed our other guys right in. He plays tug of war, chase with our lab "Fat Boy" and loves to retrieve. He is an expert at hanging his head out of the window on car rides as well as hanging out wherever we are. He has taken to assisting the other guys with squirrel chasing. He also likes his lounge time to include having his belly rubbed. We could not ask for a better dog and addition to our family. Thank you for making that possible!

ollie    ollie


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