Meet Your Match™
Canine-ality Adoption Program

Finally! An innovative system for finding the perfect matches between adopters and adoptees! 

The Meet Your MatchTM Canine-ality Adoption Program is designed to increase the likelihood that shelter dogs six months of age and older make a successful and permanent transition into their new homes. The program lets adopters know in advance just what type of dog they are bringing home. With Meet Your MatchTM, it's simple!

Meet Your Match™ is completed after an aggression assessment and is comprised of two parts:
The first part, the Canine-ality Assessment, helps us determine the individual needs of each dog. A battery of five tests help us determine his or her general canine-ality including friendliness, playfulness, energy level, manners, motivation and drive.

Each dog is then placed into one of three color-coded categories: easy maintenance (purple), average maintenance (orange), and high maintenance (green). Within each color category are three descriptions to help you better understand the dogs canine-ality, as listed below. In each profile on this website, there will be a color-coded description of which group the dog has placed into. 

The second part of the program, the Dog Adopter Survey, is made up of eighteen questions that help us conclude what kind of canine-ality you are looking for in a dog. A quick calculation determines your color and we can begin to match the dogs' behaviors to your expectations, experience, lifestyle, and home environment.

Click here to access our Dog Adoption Survey. Please print off BOTH pages of the survey and bring both pages to the shelter when you come to visit our friendly pooches!

Click here to see our available dogs and their Meet Your Match colors in an at-a-glance format.

Have any questions concerning the program? Feel free to call us at 856-663-3058 or e-mails us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 

If a dog places into the Green Category, they will then be listed as one of the following:
  • Life of the Party "I think everything is fun, interesting and meant for play, especially you. Anything you do, I'll want to do too. With my own brand of surprise, life with me will keep you constantly on your toes, and the fun is guaranteed."
  • Go-Getter "Want to get more exercise? Action is my middle name. My "Let's GO!" lifestyle will keep you motivated to get outside and move. I've got tons of energy; and just like the sun, I'm burning and working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I'll run for miles, chase a ball for hours, and still want to play at the end of the day."
  • Free-Spirit  "Intelligent, independent, confident and clever, I prefer making my own decisions but will listen to you if you make a good case. We're partners in this adventure. Treat me like one and we'll both live happily ever after"
If a dog places into the Orange Category, they will then be listed as one of the following:
  • Wallflower "Shy yet charming canine searching for patient owner with relaxed lifestyle. Looking for gentle guidance to help me come out of my shell. Treat me sweet and kind and I'll blossom."
  • Busy Bee "I'm a naturally playful, curious and trusting canine. Take me for a big walk every day; give me something to do. After my job's done, I'll curl up in with you in the evenings. I'm a dog on a mission to please you and myself."
  • Goofball "I'm a fun-loving, happy-all-the-time, glass-is-half-full kind of dog looking for someone who loves to laugh and play around. Must have a great sense of humor and a bunch of tennis balls."
If a dog places into the Purple Category, they will then be listed as one of the following:
  • Couch Potato  "Like the easy life? Then I'm the perfect match for you. I'm a relaxed, laid back kind of dog who enjoys long naps, watching movies, curling up on laps, and walking very short distances from the couch to the food bowl and back."
  • Constant Companion "Looking for an emotionally secure, mutually satisfying, low maintenance relationship? I am all you need. Let me sit at your feet, walk by your side, and I'll be your devoted companion forever."
  • Teacher's Pet "I've got the whole package smart, fuzzy, four legs, love to learn and live to please.  Go ahead, teach me anything. Sit, stay, balance your checkbook, I can do it all. Keep me entertained and I will be yours forever."
A similar program exists for Puppies. They are tested and placed into one of the three color categories (Green, Purple, or Orange. The only difference is in the Subcategories: If a puppy places into the Green Category, they will then be listed as one of the following:
  • King Of The Mountain "I'm self-educated with a splash of ambition. As canine royalty, I like to set the rules. Explain a better way though, and I'll give you due consideration. I'm really looking to share my throne with a hard working, confident, and full-of-pep human."
  • Super Hero "I'm an all-purpose pup ready to commit 110%. When there's a crumb dropped, I'll be there to pick it up for you. When there's a hole that needs to be dug I'll be there with all four feet. When someone needs a buddy to run miles with, I'll be there with leash in tow. Commit 110% to me, and I'll be yours forever."
  • Thrill Seeker "Woo-hoo! This is so cool! Have you tried this ride called LIFE yet? It's got all these great twists and turns and so many neat things to play with like balls, fleece toys, rawhides, socks, pant legs, fingers - and so many neat people to meet - you, your friends, your friends' friends and the friends of your friends' friends. Jump on board and we'll have a blast together!"
If a puppy places into the Orange Category, they will then be listed as one of the following:
  • Bashful Tourist "So this is my first time on my own and jeez, did you know the world is a really big and kind of scary place (especially when you don't speak the language)? With the right translator, I know I can learn my way around. Until I get familiar with the place, let me stay right by your side... or maybe just a little behind you."
  • Class Clown "Class clown seeks good-humored soul mate ready to let the good times roll. My playful jokes, love of all things chewable and slapstick comedy will keep you and your friends doubled over laughing for hours. When I hog the spotlight, just let me know the joke's over and I'll settle down."
  • The Rookie "Young self-starter looking for an inspirational coach to take us to the top. I've got the whole package - brains, good looks, and loads of raw talent - and I'm ready to use them. Teach me, praise me and I guarantee I'll make you proud at home, on walks, or competing in the field."
If a puppy places into the Purple Category, they will then be listed as one of the following:
  • Daydreamer "Easy-going, relaxed pup seeks laid-back human for mutually low stress relationship. Must see the bowl as half-full, enjoy leisurely games of fetch followed by a quick snack and two-hour nap, and be willing to explore the joys of relaxing together."
  • Kindergartner "It's the first day of school and, boy oh boy, am I nervous! I'm not sure where to sit, when we eat or even where the bathroom is. All I need is a person I can trust to show me the ropes. Will you be my mentor and show me around?"
  • The Detective "It's elementary, my dear assistant ... let's unravel the mysteries of the world together. I simply use my trusty nose and my natural taste for details. You simply offer any leads you might have. Together we'll solve every mystery that comes our way"


The shelter could always use monetary donations to help with the care and placement of our animals.  Anything you could spare would be greatly appreciated!